The “SCHOOL@MUL” project was handed in by the Public Relations Department at Montanuniversität Leoben, and won one of Austrian Research Promotion Agency´s calls for tender.



SCHOOL@MUL comprised the development and implementation of a diverse educational programme for primary and secondary school pupils throughout the region of Leoben. Based on the core competences of Montanuniversität, the project concentrated on the value-added cycle, including sciences from raw-materials to the end product and back via recycling. These topics are often, if at all, only touched-upon in most schools ‘syllabi, and children therefore find them difficult to grasp.


SCHOOL@MUL ran between 1. May 2016 and 30. November 2018. The aim was to encourage students to pursue a career in engineering, technology or research, regardless of their geographical origin, social background and gender. Teaching methods included work on didactical skills and practical elements, to allow children to easily grasp concepts of scientific work-methods and ways of thinking. Schools could use the project as supplementary career-orientation.